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A passion for food was present as early as she can remember. Corrine loves the ability that food has to connect people and make them happy. 

Corrine DaCosta
Founder and Chef Consultant

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A man who was 'casting' before it was cool. Alfred has been creating quality content with a purpose since 2010! His vision with media is inspiring and we are blessed to have him be a part of the team. He is constantly listening to the music of life, which is so beautiful. Looking for and finding the rhythm in rain and rocks keep him grounded, as well as the love of sound and voice. As a self-proclaimed audiophile sound soothes him and takes one listen to his podcast Living 4 Him you can tell it is his passion.

Alfred DaCosta
Podcast Executive Producer

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A kitchen prodigy and recent graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Khori double majored in culinary science and applied food studies. She is determined, generous, selfless, and hilarious. Khori knows the science behind all of the kitchen chemistry and articulates it in an approachable way. You will be learning and laughing with her by your side. Honest and caring her teaching style is direct with a smile. This humanitarian is a lover of cilantro, tea, agriculture, and is always looking for an opportunity to give back and change the world for the better.

Khori Eubanks
COO and Culinary Coach

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This DMV native has been fortunate enough to be a part of a rich gastronomic tapestry of our nation's capital. Her connection to Old Ebbitt Grill, a food institution that predates the civil war!  Arielle is a life long learner who would be thrilled to learn alongside any client and share her wealth of knowledge for the right project. Some of her passions include urban planning, communications, and resource management, and advocacy for POCs within the communities where we are not held down in the ways we should be. Her brains are matched with her beauty; and an ability to rock any look or hairstyle! 

Arielle Lofton
Community Development Director
Kendall DaCosta
Founder and Chef

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These wild maitakes from _poplarfoodsbos

Hailing from the plains region, this man is anything but plain. His pursuit of flavor has taken him around the globe and he pairs them masterfully.  Kendall became the youngest black Executive Chef in the greater Boston area and has partnered with the MAAH as a consultant. His growth as a culinary professional is impressive. Proud of his Jamaican ancestry, Kendall showcases the provisions of his heritage on his arm, featuring scotch bonnet peppers, thyme, garlic, and green onions.

Kendall DaCosta
Founder and Chef

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Chris is a self-taught culinary professional whose persistence, and passion for flavor can't be contained to just his cooking career.

His entrepreneurial spirit and zest for life, make him a great choice as a coach for lively groups or sessions. A fan of alliteration as well, no wonder his brand Dang Dats Delicious and Coffee Colored Concepts vibe so well. With soul food being his specialty the dishes he creates represent the warmth of the south, that he embodies. 

Chris Miller
Chef and Culinary Coach

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Ms. Jackson is a video visionary, whose creativity is a thing of beauty. A proud HBCU alum this lady was inspired by anime before Megan Thee Stallion made it cool. Her own imagination inspires her and her self determination should inspire you. Her goals include showcasing African Americans in diverse roles in an attempt to heal generational inequities. If you can see it you can be it, so Mina is going to have you seeing things differently. She would like you on a cinematic journey that is sculpted by her mind and experience.  Sweet tea and sweet potato pie are the fuel that runs her fire. 

Mina  Jackson
Creative Director and Producer

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A man of many talents, who takes being active and applies it well to all aspects of his life. Chef Sterling is Michelin trained and has received the illustrious rating of a star. He enjoying a culinary challenge and dietary restrictions are something he embraces as much spirited debate. A steward of black excellence no matter where in the world his career takes him, via land and sea. He is a master of front and back of house restaurant operations and is the textbook definition of soigné (french for smooth/swaggy). Sterling is in the pursuit of knowledge and a lifelong learner and loves studying just how dope people of color are.

Sterling Taylor Reynolds
Chef and Culinary Researcher


Tel: 240-577-5691

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